Prehabilitation Exercises for Athletes E-Book 

Coach Bob has done it again!  After years of teaching athletes in person about injury prevention through the implementation of prehabilitation exercises, he has finally brought his knowledge to you in an e-book format. Stop living with injury.  Be proactive in your performance training through the inclusion of prehab exercises.
This E-book has 58 beneficial prehab exercises separated into three sections: 1) lower body, 2) upper body, and 3) core.  Each section provides detailed, color photos of the exercises with a full written description of how to do them.  
Leave your injury states and rehab behind you and finally learn how to take a proactive approach to your training by including specific prehab exercises into your daily exercise routine.  Improve your coordination, balance and functional capacity with this e-book and get ready to take your performance to the next level!

67 pages. Electronic version. $15.99.
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*This is an electronic PDF download, NOT a hard copy book. You will be emailed a link to download this e-book three times after purchasing it so be sure to save it.  If you do not receive it after your purchase, please check your junk/spam email folder.
**Due to the high quality photos in this e-book, the download may require more time.  Do not put your computer to sleep when downloading and be sure to download from a fast internet connection.