Metabolic Efficiency Training: Teaching Your Body to Burn More Fat

Second Edition

Welcome to the Second Edition of Metabolic Efficiency Training: Teaching the Body to Burn More Fat!  This updated edition includes many updates and additions to the first edition.  Here's a bit more information for you...

The concept of Metabolic Efficiency (ME) can be applied to individuals just beginning exercise, fitness enthusiasts and the seasoned athlete. ME describes the relationship between the body’s ability to use fat and carbohydrate as energy sources across a variety of exercise intensities. Being more of a “fat burner” will allow you to improve your health, reduce risk for chronic disease, lose weight and body fat, improve athletic performance and eliminate gastrointestinal
(GI) distress.

The second edition of Metabolic Efficiency Training: Teaching the Body to Burn More Fat has been enhanced to provide more nutrition and exercise prescription strategies for individuals of all ages, abilities and fitness/sport interests.

This book will provide very specific nutrition and exercise recommendations that will guide you through each training cycle with the end goal of improving your ability to use fat as fuel. Gone are the days of needing to consume a high amount of calories during training and competition. By improving your body’s metabolic efficiency, it is possible to significantly reduce the amount of calories you need during exercise. The end result will be improved health and performance with significantly reduced chances of GI distress. 

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