Athlete's Food Guide to Metabolic Efficiency E-Book


Learn how to connect metabolic efficiency training and nutrition periodization principles by applying carbohydrate to protein ratios to your daily and training nutrition plans.

This e-book will provide you specific recommendations on carbohydrate to protein ratios for various types of training days along with extensive lists of foods and ratio tables to support your metabolic efficiency goals.  You will learn how to calculate these ratios and receive sample meals that portray the various carbohydrate to protein ratios so that you can better make the next step towards becoming a metabolically efficient athlete, no matter your sport, age, or ability. Take out the guesswork of which foods to choose to improve metabolic efficiency with this e-book.

This is a USA Triathlon Certified CEU book that offers 2 CEU's for coaches after passing the exam from USAT.

49 pages. Electronic version. $10.99.

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